• Academia - Industry Collaborative Research
  • Trained manpower to be recruited by industry
  • Well-mentored entrepreneur
  • Product development
  • Start-ups
  • University spin-offs
  • Research-competent personals
  • Patents and publications
  • Establishment of efficient knowledge sharing platform
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research within different departments
  • Technology Commercialization & Business Development
  • Enhancement of Technical Knowhow
  • Availability of R&D facility
  • Collaborative, inter-disciplinary, market-driven R&D initiatives
  • Shared facilities creation
  • Steady growth in innovative products and services being offered by members of the cluster
  • Increased competitiveness of cluster products and services offered
  • Steady growth in employability of human resource
  • Growth in number of jobs
  • Increased inflow of private resources into the cluster
  • Change in the social and economic fabric of the cluster
  • National and international recognition as a choice destination for Biotechnology
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University Innovation Cluster,
Centre for Converging Technologies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 302004
Email:, Tel: 0141-2700370