Prof. S.K. Gupta

About the Centre for Development of Physics Education

The Centre for the Development of Physics Education was established in May 1978 by the University Grants Commission. This was a sequel to excellent developmental work done by the Department of Physics during the University Leadership Programme (1971-78).

The activities of the Centre are (i) development of new Physics experiments and literature, (ii) assisting other institutions under contact programme, (iii) fabrication and supply of equipment developed by it to academic/research institutions on no-profit and no loss basis,(iv) development of teaching aids in the form of Computer and Audio Visual Programmes, The Center has developed over 100 experiments and supplied Physics equipments fabricated at the Centre to many Universities and Institutions in India and abroad. These equipment are also being used in training programmes sponsored by ICTP, Italy, at the University of Dar-es-salam, Tanzania, University of Maidugur, Nigeria, and the University of Zimbabwe, Harare. The Coupled Oscillator was awarded First Prize at an International Competition.

The Centre has been supporting research groups in the Physics Department for fabrication of equipment and extending IT expertise for examination reforms and academic development. The Centre conducts workshops, exhibitions and training programmes for college teachers and also school children through INSPIRE Programme of DST, Govt. of India.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department has (i) a Mechanical Workshop (ii) an Electronic Workshop and (iii) a Computer Lab. The mechanical workshop is equipped with a Lathe Machine and a Milling Machine The electronic workshop is equipped with measuring, testing and assembling equipment for electronic circuits. The computer lab is equipped with five computers with online support
The Museum that houses equipment developed by the CDPE, is a major attraction for visitors and students of Physics.